Three Sisters Mountain



This mountain, which derives its name from obvious geological features, is another sacred mountain for the Mescaleros. Actually, in times past, it was more significant for Chiricahua Apaches. After the Chiricahuas were released from being prisoners of war, approximately 2/3 joined the Mescaleros in New Mexico. Through this union of cultures, Three Sisters Mountain came to be of significance to the Mescalero as well. This mountain is attributed with having revealed a Chiricahua Mountain Spirit dance group and is also known as a place to seek visions and medicine. There is a particular cave on the mountain that can be used by properly purified and prepared "seekers" who may have medicine revealed to them. This mountain also features some unique medicinal plants which only grow in this location. Furthermore, this mountain is often attributed with being one of the "four sacred mountains" and is commonly associated with the west. It is said that one can hear the songs of the Mountains Spirits at this mountain, which is a claim that is often made for sacred mountains.


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